Monthly Archives: June 2013

Free UK Paperback Spine Width Calculator

The Printing HouseĀ are pleased to announce the launch of their new paperback spine width calculator to assist in the tricky process of paperbook cover design. When graphic designers are creating bookwork layouts the common problem is determining the spine width so that the artwork may be created and added into...
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Beating the rising cost of paper

Well it’s almost the end of June and a client was asking me today about paper rises later this year. Would there be any? Many years ago there were usually price rises in the industry about twice a year, but in recent times it has been far more volatile. Prices...
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Planning is the key to printing to schedule

Planning is really the key to success and less printing stress Well my last post seemed to rattle a few cages in a good way. In simple terms if you want the printer to meet your deadline then make sure you meet your own deadlines and obligations first re artwork...
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