It’s all in the detail

Here is my favourite story regarding delivery.

We once had a job that was very important to the client Рas they all are Рbecause he had arranged a book launch despite the fact the book was not yet printed.

His artwork was full of errors as he had attempted to save money and make the pdf’s himself. As he had little knowledge of the book printing process, his ambitions did not go to plan.

The chap was a real gentleman and well into his subject matter, but attention to other details were obviously not great.

We sorted his pdf issues; missing fonts, no bleed on pages, different size pages, low resolution web grab mages etc. This took about a week to cure.

After consulting with production control, he job was upgraded for quicker processing and queue jumped. All stops were pulled out to make an enhanced delivery.

By a lot of hard work and co-ordination, the job was still dispatched a day early, to arrive in the English spa town the following day.

Much to our surprise, the next day, the client phoned to say it had not arrived. This was very late in the afternoon, having now passed 4pm.

There was huge disappointment all round. In sales and production, a huge effort had been made to “rescue” the book launch so spirits were lowered.

It is difficult speaking with couriers after 4pm in the day, as all hell breaks loose for them with failed delivery enquiries, new pick ups etc.

The following morning we established the goods had not been delivered. Apparently, they had been out for delivery but taken back to the courier warehouse, as the delivery address was “undeliverable”.

As you can imagine, this made no sense. On checking with our client he had given us a house name and the town name and said he was well known. He had also given us the postcode. One would assume the delivery was bombproof.

We rechecked the information and when we pushed him on the postcode, he went off to check it and returned to the telephone to tell us………………………….

“No, it’s not the right postcode, I have only lived in this house for twelve months and couldn’t remember it when I placed the order…………………………so I made one up!” The job was in the wrong town and the residents of “Rose Cottage” had turned the delivery away.

Truth can really be stranger than fiction.

Attention to detail and a 456 page book should really go hand in hand!