Brochure Printing Project Assistance

We Can Help

Print design, layout and prepress file preparation services are at hand.
All clients have different levels of prepress ability. Some are complete novices whilst others are consummate book design & layout professionals.
Whatever your design and prepress ability we are here to help. Our job is to get your magazine to print in the shortest possible time and produce a printed book that exceeds your expectation.

Print Design & Layout

Modern software programs have made this much easier than it used to be, but don’t be fooled! A seasoned professional graphic designer can design and layout a book project in no time at all compared to the novice. More importantly it will fly through prepress and straight in to production without delay.
If you would like a quote on any design or layout assistance, either partially such as the cover or the whole book project, then just email us at and we will be delighted to assist.

PDF File Preparation

This is the Achilles heel of most designers with limited experience. This is the last 5% of the book design job process and the one that causes the most headaches. We often receive client files that are unprintable for very simple reasons such as lack of embedded fonts, no bleed, incorrect profiles etc. If you need help just ask and this headache can be removed.
We offer a prepress file preparation service at very reasonable cost. If you think you need help or your job may be delayed or the quality compromised because you are unsure, just email  We will be ready to hold your hand.

ISBN Numbers, Barcodes, Placement in Artwork

Most clients source and place their own barcodes and ISBN numbers. If you need any assistance with this process e.g. where to source ISBN numbers – just ask and we will help. If you require a barcode generated we can do that for you at a small additional cost.


If you require to see samples of our work then please email us at and we will be happy to oblige.

Digital Mockup

An additional service we offer is the production of a digital copy of your product from your completed cover artwork. Not all jobs are suitable for this process. We will advise on request. You may use this digital image for pre marketing services of your printed product in websites, printed literature/advertising etc. The cost is £50 and it will allow you to get underway with your project before you even receive the finished goods! Email for further information.