Printing Service

The Printing HouseĀ is a specialist book printing company. The more pages in your product the more competitive we are for you and can offer substantial savings up to 25%.

Product runs of 500 plus are well suited to us. If you need help or assistance with artwork or prepress issues then please ask. We are here to assist you all the way and help you to produce a first class product. The Printing HouseĀ provides a wide variety of sizes and all manner of page configurations etc.

In simple terms please ask us to quote. We can almost certainly offer you a competitive price on your requirements. The best way to get your project produced on time is to plan properly. If you need help or advice on anything at all then please ask us as soon as possible. Our advice can often save money e.g. recommended paper weights/optimum page configurations etc. If you need anything at all please ring us today on 0203 291 3258.